a little about me

I am a 23 year old harpist, living and working in Manchester.  I am writing this blog to document my adventures in the world of the music business.

There are many areas of my life that will be included in this blog – as a freelance musician you have to wear several different hats, each hopefully contributing to either your development or your bank balance (ideally both).

I wear lots of hats right now, including:

  • concert harpist
  • orchestral musician
  • harp teacher
  • chamber musician
  • wedding harpist
  • self-publicist
  • business woman
  • bar staff
  • waitress

Having just graduated last year this is my first year being ‘out in the big wide world’ and it is scary.  I am on my own and responsible for my own success or demise.  My parents – who have always shown their support in every way and I will be eternally grateful for all their continued support and help – have re-assigned my bedroom into a lounge.  So giving up and moving home is not an option.

This is it.  Sink or Swim.


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