end of the week

Remember the post about how last week was really quiet?  This week has been the total opposite.

I’ve been to:

  • Harrogate
  • London
  • Stockport
  • Sheffield

and ended the week in my hometown of York.

The Stockport gig was fun.  Only instead of putting the church in my satnav I actually put the vicarage – so you can imagine my confusion upon arriving down a random street in suburban Stockport with no church in sight.

I swear I must be really thick to be able to get lost even with the assistance of my faithful tomtom.  I eventually found the church (maybe it was a miracle?) only to find there was one space in the whole car park – at the far end.  There was a line of cars jostling for it and the conductor – Jim Cooke – was standing in the space, reserving it for me.  How sweet!  I have no idea what I would have done had he not been there.  One of the basses from the choir very kindly paid for my parking as well, Stockport may not be the prettiest of places but it certainly was friendly.

The rep for the concert was Janáček’s arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer, and Howard Goodall’s Requiem (which, by the way, I’m also performing this coming Saturday in Harrogate – has everyone gone Goodall crazy?).  I had never played either of them and actually they are both beautiful pieces.  The arrangements were for harp, organ and choir.  I don’t envy the choir though some parts sounded challenging to say the least…

So that brings me to yesterday.  Mothering Sunday (Happy Mothers’ Day to my wonderful mummy).  I was playing in a retirement home called Brunswick Gardens in Sheffield for their Mothers’ Day Lunch.  A number of people came up and said they enjoyed my playing, and some even took my demo CD.  Upon hearing my rendition of the Welsh folk-song Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn a lady came up and requested a different folk-song, and I had to sheepishly say I didn’t know it.  How embarrassing.  Still, onwards and upwards.

As Sheffield is kind of in the middle of Manchester and York I decided to drive to York to see my parents, I went for a walk with my mum in the early evening sunshine and then, for some (rare) piano sight-reading practice, me and my dad worked our way through Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite for piano duo.  My skills are definitely getting a little rusty, I have now decided I’d like a piano with me in Manchester – the only question is how to get it there?


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