Autumn 2012

After a worrying few weeks with no gigs to speak of, I now suddenly find myself with at least one engagement each week until December’s trip to Lanzarote (very exciting!!!).

Last Sunday I was in Leeds with the Leeds Philharmonic chorus, under the direction of Darius Battiwalla.  The only piece I was in was Hierusalem by George Dyson.  I’d never heard of it until I was asked to play it.  The parts are all very challenging considering it’s less than twenty minutes long.  Maybe that’s why it’s so seldom performed.  A couple of chaps in the first violins were kind enough to carry my harp on and off the stage for me so a big thank you to them.

Tomorrow will be a very interesting day.  I am playing in Central Manchester.  Now, I’m not worried that the entire concert will be sight-reading, nor that there is relatively little rehearsal time.  But it’s Manchester City Centre.  I know this area very well and parking to unload is going to be… tricky.  If I come away with no parking ticket I’ll be satisfied.  How I wish sometimes that I could just walk to a venue – or take public transport, it’s often a lot easier than finding somewhere to park my enormous (but loveable) car.

So yes, lots coming up.  I’ll be having my first lesson in a while to help prepare for an upcoming audition (watch this space).  The next few weeks take me to Sheffield, Rochdale, Escrick, Bolton, Doncaster, Torquay and back to Manchester.  Phew!