Happy New Year!

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone who reads this a happy and prosperous New Year.  And, I also want to thank those who have been reading my blog, and a big thank you to those who leave feedback in the form of comments – or in person.

On New Year’s Eve I decided to take a very last minute trip down to Hampton-in-Arden to see my sister.  I’d already had a gig – performing at Sunrise Senior Living Retirement Home in Bramhall as part of their holiday celebrations.  I had what I thought was a clever idea that we could sing some carols for a bit of audience participation.  This was not met with much enthusiasm, or indeed, singing.  Never mind!  I tried.

I was actually in Hampton last New Year’s Eve too, in the same pub!  That led me to ponder the things that have changed in 2012 for me and my career.  My bank balance is probably pretty much the same, I’ve had to change my car (rest in peace Bertie), but what I have gained is experience in terms of gigs and teaching.  I just hope it’s all heading somewhere – and that I’m heading in the right direction.

Anyway, moving on!  I’ve made a few resolutions – some of them will only begin once I get back to Manchester later this week:

  • Start running regularly, 3 times a week – I didn’t go for a single run in December so I’m looking forward to getting back into it.  I also have the target of the Great North Run to aim for.
  • Get up earlier Monday-Friday, days are ridiculously more productive if I drag myself out of bed earlier, every day needs to be like that.
  • Get out of overdraft and start saving – this will be huge if I manage it.
  • Write in my blog more often!  Once a week – even if it seems like nothing noteworthy has happened!

So, what are your resolutions? How long will they last? Do let me know!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Even if you think nothing noteworthy has happened to blog about, having a year of writing to look back on will help you see just how far along you are with living your dream. So, I will encourage you to write every week, even if just to moan about the bank balance. Happy New Year!

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