Week 3

How is it week three of 2013 already? 

Something crazy happened in the last seven days.  In my last post I remember saying how I need a part time job as a little extra income – well, I’ve got one!  First interview was last Friday, then second interview was yesterday (Monday) then yesterday afternoon I got a phone call offering me the job!  Exciting!

It’s four days a week in a specialist clothing store for tall ladies like me – they don’t need me on Saturdays so I can still accept the majority of the gigs I’m offered which is a huge plus.  Also, we get a clothing allowance each season so we can wear their clothes to work – so I will regularly get to pick out lovely clothes that fit really nicely!  It’s so perfect for me.  I start a week today – next Tuesday.  

I’m so excited about saving some money!  Finally!  This year I’ll be able to buy decent Christmas presies for my family instead of having to knit them because I had no spare cash.  I’ll be able to have the occasional night out in a nice bar and not freak out if I spend £30 on drinks – not that I ever do that *cough*.  My life won’t have to grind to a halt if a couple of gig payments take ages to arrive – December gigs this means you!

It’ll also be nice to be around people during the day – not that I get lonely – but I sometimes wish I had the chance to have more social interaction during the week.  The shop itself is lovely as well, really friendly, not too busy and the clothes are good quality – it’s almost like a boutique.

So all this has changed the feel of this week – it now feels like my last week off before I suddenly become very very busy.  Somehow I’ll have to fit in my running, admin and practising for gigs in amongst working 25-30 hours a week.

I’m so excited!


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