Week 4

This last week will in the future be thought of as the-last-week-in-which-I-had-any-free-time.  I start my new job tomorrow and I am so excited!

So being offered the job totally changed the feel of last week – it went from being just another week in which to chip away at emails/admin/looking for gigs to being the last week when I can get up when I want to, have my own schedule, go out for several cocktails with friends, play Monopoly til 2.30am and then watch a DVD with friends and beers and just generally making the most of my freedom.

It’s been amazing!  And the weird thing is, now I’ve relaxed somewhat regarding my income, gigs are now pouring in!  I have gigs for the next four Saturdays, a solo recital in March at church (more about that later) and a huge pile of Wagner to mark up and learn for a concert in exactly twelve sleeps, Arggh!

Maybe the only thing I needed to get more work was, well, work.  It’s going to be pretty crazy trying to fit all this in as well as working four days a week, but I can’t wait to get busy and work hard for a living – it’s going to be so satisfying to see my debt get smaller each month.

A new chapter starts tomorrow!


One thought on “Week 4

  1. I guess the universe wants you to see both sides: the not busy enough and the too busy. Good to hear that your gigs are picking up along with the new job. Remember to pace yourself the first couple of weeks while you get used to your new busier schedule. Good luck tomorrow!

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