Week 8

Another week has flown by, and somehow I’ve managed to find the time to fit in two gigs, five full days at work and two trips to the pub!  

The first gig was on Valentine’s Day – yes my V-day was spent setting the mood for loved-up couples having dinner at the restaurant in the lovely Lowry Hotel.  I actually managed to leave work at 6.15 and be at the venue at just gone 7!  Unbelievable – I had my new dress:



As you can see from the above photo, I was to get changed in the spa changing rooms, the whole place seemed lovely, really clean and spacious:



I began playing at around 7.30pm.  The restaurant wasn’t too crowded, which was nice – after each set I had a (non-alcoholic) drink in the bar:




So yea, that was pretty much that.  The manager mentioned getting me in to play for the occasional afternoon tea up in the restaurant, which would be lovely!  Watch this space.

The other gig I had this week was on Saturday, playing at Manchester University’s Martin Harris Centre.  I was feeling very delicate on Saturday morning but somehow managed to pull myself together for the evening concert.  We were doing Debussy’s Iberia and Ravel’s La Valse – I had done the Ravel before in college so I knew I was in for a treat.  The Debussy was great as well.  Harp 1 was played by Sarah Paterson (hello Sarah!) I can’t believe we had three years at RNCM together and yet last Saturday was the first time we played in orchestra together!  It was a pleasure, it’s lovely to have some company in the harp section!  Luckily for us Debussy and Ravel were before the interval so we could ‘clock off’ early – which makes little difference to me as I only had to drive 2 minutes and I was home, but Sarah had quite a trip back over to Yorkshire so it’s always nice to finish early!

Every spare minute I have had this last week has gone into practising for my upcoming Recital.  On 12th March I will be performing in St Ann’s Church at 7.30pm alongside the wonderful Elfair Dyer.  More information coming very soon so watch this space.

One final note, my blog has been in existence for a whole year now!  A big thank you to everyone who has been reading along, and commenting along the way.  I am a whisker away from 3,000 views and those can’t possibly all be from my parents so thank you!  I’ve really enjoyed writing and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.





4 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. Your dress is drop-dead gorgeous, and so are you!!!! I know you made many couples have a much more romantic evening. I am excited to hear about your recital. Yay, you getting yourself out on stage again!

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