Week 14

Wow, again it has been a while since I’ve written anything in here.  I have become one of those insanely busy people who rarely has a minute to spare.

Job is going well.  Trying to fit everything else I need to do into the time I’m at home is a big challenge.  I LOVED mine and Elfair’s recital in St. Ann’s Church, Manchester, thanks to everyone who came, it was a lovely evening.  I’ve also had gigs in Blackpool and Parbold, Lancashire over Easter weekend.

The next thing on my agenda is a trip to Southampton next week!  To play on a ship!  I’m very excited, the ship isn’t actually going anywhere but I’m hoping it will lead to other cruisey type gigs in the future – which would be GREAT – financially and in general, I would love to be able to travel and get paid to see the world.

The gym is also adding to me being incredibly busy – I joined basically first thing after my first payday.  And since then I’ve been three times each week – a record that will end next week as I am away, but I’ve been really enjoying it.  My programme that was given to me at my induction and which seemed impossible is now fine, I feel loads fitter after five weeks of regular exercise.  

So yea, lots of excitement coming up in the near future.  I will be posting more regularly as well so watch this space.


One thought on “Week 14

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday – Glad to hear that all is going well and that the recital was a success, and that you are feeling positive and optimistic about being a harpist!

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