Back after a break!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  I have been insanely busy.  I knew this would happen – I’d get a job and lose all my spare time trying to juggle everything.

The income is great though, I’ve been on holiday with some lovely friends to Cyprus for ten days.  I’m starting to slowly climb out of debt (the pace of the climb has increased since the holiday) and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

What I’m focussing on now is the fact that I reallllly really want to do some travelling – or at least live abroad for a while.  Playing on the ship in Southampton that went nowhere has made me desperately want to play on a ship that does in fact travel with me on it.  I’m also chasing the possibility of doing some sort of residency in a luxury hotel in Dubai – the money would be great and the lifestyle would be fabulous. 

So I work in the shop four days a week, that means I have to squeeze the rest of my life into three days (plus evenings when I’m not in the gym/too tired to function).  It is so challenging – and this Summer is going to be busy.  I’m playing for Les Miserables in Runcorn, The Sound of Music in Newcastle, various weddings, as well as a tour with my wonderful harp quartet CLOUDS (more about that to follow in a separate post).

Juggling work + music is going to be very tricky for the next few months, but I daren’t hand my notice in because September, October and November are looking pretty shocking gig-wise at this stage.  I’m waiting for an email/phone call regarding a cruise or an international residency sometime in the next few weeks, until then I’m going to try and not act rashly.  Keep up with life admin (letters, emails, staying organised), practice (for gigs as well as various concerts and recitals coming up) as well as working in Long Tall Sally.  

Main challenge will be to hang on to my sanity.  It’s not going well.


2 thoughts on “Back after a break!

  1. Sanity is overrated. Really, you won’t miss it. Keep chugging along until that dream cruise ship job appears. Once you get yourself out of debt, the world is your oyster. So hang in there!!!

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