Summer 2014

Well it’s been a busy summer so far. I’ve been terrible and not kept this blog up to date with what’s going on.

Let me briefly fill you in: I went on tour with my harp quartet CLOUDS, we recorded a brand new album for release in September, we took part in Buxton’s Fringe Festival and won their award for World Music. We also invaded Oxfordshire and the Midlands for the first time with well attended concerts in Charlbury and Hampton-in-Arden.


I spent ten days practising like a crazy person to prepare for a last minute flute and harp recital with the lovely Anna Rosa Mari – which ended up going very well!


I’ve also been carrying on with the usual background music gigs – weddings, dinners, drinks receptions.

In other news, my boyfriend and I have now moved in together, which is all very lovely and happy. Sickening eh?

The reason for the absence of blog posts is this, my posts used to recount tales of the gigs I do and the scrapes I sometimes get in to – all that still happens – it’s just I have no right to complain about it, it’s my job.

There will always be times that I get lost and late (anytime I go near Sheffield). There will always be times I sit for three hours in a traffic jam in the 30 degree heat only to be told the staff are ‘too busy’ to get me a glass of water when I arrive (also Sheffield). Hey, this freelancing thing isn’t perfect but it has its good side too. There’s lots to be grateful for. My flat now has a room dedicated as a ‘study’ – a room that I can just go to and work on admin or practice – I’ve wanted a study for years! It makes me very happy to feel like I can go to the office and just shut myself away with no distractions. There’s even a plant in here!



So that’s just a little taster of what’s been going on here. As always thank you for checking out my blog and please leave any feedback you have in the comments below.