Onwards and Upwards (getting your act together)

Ok, my last blog post was a little depressing.  It was exactly how I was feeling at the time so I make no apology for it.  I’m learning to look at times like that as a wake-up call to actually do something instead of just worrying.  So much worry comes from procrastination, I sometimes feel that worrying could all but be eliminated if we just got on with what needs doing instead of putting it off because there is an overwhelming amount of things to do.

One thing that helps me feel better and less neurotic is running.  I love getting out in the fresh air (often the fresh rain as well considering I live in Manchester) and just running, it gives my body a chance to move, I feel revitalised and refreshed after each run (usually this is coupled with mild exhaustion).  I don’t have to think about anything and my mind is always so much clearer when I get home.  Since doing the Manchester 10K last May my running has sort of tailed off but I fully intend to get back into it.

Since writing the last post I have sorted out exactly what I’m practising for and have started chipping away at that.  I have a solo recital in May in Scarborough that I’m very excited about.  I’m going to resurrect a couple of pieces from my Final Recital and mix those up with pieces that I did a while ago to make a varied programme – nothing too heavy but still a nice challenge for me to get my teeth into.

I have also started sending out lots of emails and CVs to anyone who might be interested in giving me work – ironically my phone just rang with an offer of a gig that I can’t do – argh!  – so now I’m feeling a lot calmer in the knowledge that I am working hard putting my name out there and I can have faith that work will soon follow.  I felt similar after all my Christmas gigs had finished and I was left with an empty diary, it filled up very quickly into a busy term.

Next week I’m having a mini-holiday (still in England but getting away for a few days) so as soon as I get back from that it’s straight back to looking for work!

I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who got in touch after reading my last post to make sure that I was OK!  It means a lot, so thank you.


2 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards (getting your act together)

  1. Everyone needs to throw a little pity party every so often – you just don’t want to move into one permanently! Glad to hear that you are practicing for the recital and feeling more positive.

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